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How Anger Affects Your Health

Does an entire day ever go by without you getting angry at some point? It may only last for a minute or two and occur over the simplest situation, but we've all fallen victim to it before. The important question is what does anger do to our health? "Results showed twice the risk of having a heart attack within an hour of being angry or emotionally upset or of exercising strenuously. It also found that the heart attack risk triples after engaging in strenuous exercise while you're angry or emotionally upset." Are you in shock yet? Keep reading!

Overall, being angry or upset can ultimately raise your blood pressure and heart rate without you even realizing it until it's too late. This increase in heart rate and blood pressure changes patterns of blood flow and reduces blood supply to the heart.

Now, let's get this anger under control! Regular exercise is a vital key in preventing heart disease and improving overall wellness. However, don't push yourself to an extreme when exercising, especially if you're angry, to a point that it becomes detrimental to your health. Instead, take a walk outside. There's nothing like taking in a mountain view and breathing the fresh, crisp air. Also, don't forget to always take a deep breath to calm yourself down. It seems overly simple, but it works. Lastly, have you ever tried yoga before? If not, most people find it very calming and relaxing. At the end of the day, try your best to not get angry over the small things in life.

For more insight, read the article below.

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