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Healthcare YOU Can Afford

Updated: May 25, 2021

When writing our business plan, we originally started this clinic to help those without insurance. Funny thing is, we would soon find ourselves without insurance, and looking for a plan that for our budget meant choosing one with a high deductible that only covers hospitalization basically. So we get it: Being uninsured or under-insured often means we ignore things because we know our insurance is not going to pay for an office visit or expensive lab work. Maybe you’re working part time or at a small business that does not provide insurance to employees. Maybe you’re a business owner like us. We want you to know that it does not mean you have to avoid getting things checked out.

The yearly cost of healthcare at our office could be as little as $125 for the whole year! For $125, a new patient can come in to establish care, get a general physical exam, and receive a comprehensive lab panel. This will include sending a copy of the labs to your online patient portal with personalized advice included there, by telemedicine, phone or in person. If new issues come up, meds adjusted, new labs needed, the cost is typically $50 to $75 plus lab fees (all very affordable). For those on blood pressure or other medications that require lab monitoring, we charge $100 to repeat the same in three to six months, which includes lab review. If no labs are needed, it’s $50 to $100, depending on how many problems you need addressed and how much time is involved. If you need mammograms, dexa scan, x rays, CT or MRI, we can help you get the best cash price out there, including a scan that shows if you have coronary artery calcifications for under $100 (one hospital does it for $49).

Thanks for reading!

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