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  • Does Mountain Health Clinic do primary care?   Yes, and for all ages.  

  • Are we a rural health clinic?   No, we do not receive any state or federal funding, as we are privately owned.

  • Where are we located?   We are in Del Rio, Tn. Visit our contact page for our address and map feature.

  • Do we accept health insurance?  Yes, we accept most all commercial plans, Market Place Plans, Medicare, and TennCare.

  • What are your office hours?   Our current office hours are Monday-Thursday 8 am-4 pm.  We may expand our hours again later if needed. 

  • Do we see patients without insurance?   Yes.

  • Do we offer a sliding scale fee?   No, but we do offer a discount if the visit is paid in full on the day of service.  We occasionally offer hardship forms to Del Rio residents who do not have insurance. You would need to come by to discuss. prior.

  • What if I'm uninsured or have a high deductible?   We offer discounted rates for those who pay in full on date of service. We also accept most insurance plans including Tenncare, Medicare, United Healthcare, Humana, BCBS, Amerigroup, and many others. 

    • New ​patient visits start at $75 (cost based on complexity and number of problems/times).

    • Established patients $50 to $100.

    • Basic lab panels under $100.

Still have a question? Give us a call.

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